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Animorphs Podcasts Directory!

After downlading the 85 episode archive of Animorphs: the Radio Drama Uncensored, prepaired by fan Zoë, I wanted a way to listen from the begining without it dominating my other podcast subscriptions. So I built a script to generate a podcast RSS feed item each week, with the next episode in the queue being added to the list! The archive is missing a few books:

  • Book 15, The Escape
  • Book 16, The Warning
  • Book 17, The Underground
  • part 2 (and 3?) of Book 24, The Suspicion
  • Book 25, The Extreme
  • and anything that might exist after book 28

If you have any of those, please contact me at!


[Update: November 6th 2020] Big news! The original show's website was but this was lost in 2012 and taken over by domain squaters. I had been checking periodicly to see if the domain name ever came available again and today I saw that it had! I immediatly bought it up and now this page has the old official URL! To the original hosts: If you happen across this page and want to do anything with the URL, please contact me and we can discuss.

[Update: December 7th 2018] The feed was supposed to loop in Feb 2018 but a bug in my script prevented that. Its fixed now, and the fourth loop will start today! There have been *MANY* new Animorphs podcasts started recently, so I put together a new site to help keep track of them all. Check out to see the list! There's been no hint at the possibility of any new ARDU episodes making their way online but hopefully someday that will change -- Until then, we fight!

[Update: January 2nd 2018] The feed is almost ready to start it's fourth loop, I'll keep it running every 19 months forever, but there have been a lot of real Animorph podcasts created, currently 8 by my count including one real audio-book-style read-through! Search "Animorphs" in your podcatcher of choice. Keep listening in the hope that someday -- someday soon -- the Andalites will return!

[Update: June 8th 2016] The feed has looped through twice, and I'm starting the third run-through from the begining. No new episodes have made their way online in the past four years, but I live in hope. In the mean time, there are several new Animorphs podcasts in recent years. Sadly, none are a full read-through, but they do scratch the itch. Search "Animorphs" in your favorite podcatcher!

[Update: September 3rd, 2012] The feed started publishing September 3rd, 2012 and will release a new episode once per week until late April, 2014, at which point I hope to have some new episodes from the guys, barring that I will restart the feed from the begining.

If you have any questions, hit me up at